Mickey Mouse Party Ideas

Disney always has a new cartoon for its fan every year in the specified period, and it will become famous in the world. However, there is one favorite cartoon that will never be forgotten and abandoned by time, and it is called Mickey Mouse. Many children like this cartoon and parents always introduce their children to this cartoon and also make Mickey Mouse party for his birthday with full decoration, and it is all about Mickey everywhere.

Mickey Mouse Invitations

To start the party, you need to prepare the whole things in order so you may have the greatest party ever for your child. Usually, Mickey Mouse is considered to be boys’ birthday party, and Minnie Mouse is for the girls. If you have a little kid, then Mickey Mouse might be perfect for him, but you need to make the invitation cards first to the guests so you can inform them about your boy’s party. To give them a clue regarding the theme of your party, you can make Mickey’s cards. You can draw Mickey’s head with two big ears, and in front of the cover, you may draw Mickey’s red pant as his unique characteristic. Inside, you can put the while information related to the party correctly.

By sending Mickey Mouse invitations, people will know right away about the party theme you are going to throw. But if you want something glorious and significant, you can make the rectangular card or ordinary card like others. You can put the picture of Mickey on the cover and your child’s photo beside him. Under it, you can put the information about your party. But sometimes, some parents always put Mickey’s picture together with his beloved dog named Pluto. Yes, on the cartoon, Mickey is always accompanied with Pluto and Pluto is not just his pet bit also his friend. Also, you can put Mickey together with his mate named Minnie Mouse and Pluto together. You can put baby Mickey too if your child is still a baby.

Mickey Mouse Cake Ideas

By arranging and designing the invitation card first, you can think of the rest, and it is not hard to organize the whole party after deciding the theme for your invitation card. Then, one thing you should remember next is food. No party without food and both of them have close relationship each other, so you need to concern an on this matter. Since this is a birthday party and Mickey becomes the main theme, the birthday cake as the star food here must relate to Mickey Mouse as well. You can make round cake with some layers based on the guests who will come so they can eat it and make Mickey’s face on it using icing sugar or fondant. You can make it from another food like candy and also chocolate.

Don’t forget to give number candle based on your boy’s age on top of it or you can put it later if you don’t want to ruin the cake. Another idea is you can make Mickey’s face birthday cake so you will have a real Mickey Mouse on your cake without putting anything else related to Mickey anymore and you can make garnish on top of it. Since the form of your cake is about Mickey, you can make something different for on top of it. You can make Mickey’s pant as the garnish so that it will support the theme of it. If you can’t make it or order it like that, you can have another idea in making birthday cake. Some ideas are making tow of three layers of cake with different size, and you can put Mickey’s silhouette on top.

Mickey Mouse Party Decorations

After ordering the cake and sending the invitation cards, you need to think and prepare for the party decoration. Stick to the theme and don’t make another decoration if you have already chosen Mickey Mouse as your theme. You need to make your house full of Mickey, so your guests will be surprised, and your boy’s friends are happy with that. Find the empty wall of your house and put a lot of stuff related to Mickey from the poster, banner, balloon and much more. Also, put some stuff about Mickey also so the guests can hold something during the photo shoot and choose Mickey frame also like the place.

For the balloons, you can choose character balloons with Mickey on it, and it is made of foil so that they won’t pop out or explodes during the party. The decoration is not only about how you arrange your house into Mickey’s Paradise but how you put Mickey on every single thing related to the party. To support the party, you need to make Mickey tableware also from glass, plate, tablecloth, spoon and fork so you can feel the idea of it. It will make children happy and envy at the same time because you can prepare it very well and they must duplicate it for their upcoming birthday. You can put another thing like Mickey’s ears, mask or anything related to him so the children can wear it during the party.

Mickey Mouse Party Games

Another important thing about the party is games because kids can kill their times if they are starting to feel bored about the party. As the parents, you need to think of several games related to Mickey as the main theme and prepare for the gifts to the winners. The first game you can try is Mickey hide and seek. Print out all Mickey’s clubhouse like Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Donald, Daisy and much more. Glue them all on Mickey’s head made of black paper and spread them all over your house but please find the safe area to hide them. Then the children must search for the Mickey and friends who hide at home. The child who can collect most pictures can win the present, and you have to count it well.

Another game you can try is Donald’s sitting duck game. In this game, children need do duck walking and chicken dancing while you play the music. If the music stops, then they need to sit down on the floor. But you need to sit down as fast as you can since the last person to sit will be out.

Mickey Mouse Party Food Ideas

Beside birthday cake, you need to prepare other foods too, and you need to stick with the theme as well. You can make Mickey’s mini pizzas for snacks; a pop cake made like Mickey’s head, Mickey’s Cookies and much more to treat the guests who come.

By arranging and making Mickey Mouse party theme correctly, you can get the best birthday party for your children ever.